Value to Our Community & Clients

Michael Gaurnier, ACI, Inc. is a Home Inspection Service who primarily works with Experience property buyers and buyers of luxury properties.

People mainly use us when they are looking for a real expert inspector because they are worried about the liability of facing unexpected high cost property repairs after they move in. Top producing and luxury realtors refer us to prevent unprofessional inspections with inaccurate inspection reports.

We have the expensive tools and software needed to provide accurate and non-exaggerated information that helps the client understand “real” problems with the property. This provides reliable, accurate, and authoritative findings and puts small problems in their proper perspective.

Our very specialized inspections prevent big issues going unnoticed and coming back to us or the referring Realtor down the road once the client is living in the home.

Top professionals should only refer top professionals.
As an ASHI Certified Inspector, we have the highest level of expertise and competence in South Florida. We provide a huge range of practical inspection services provided by those with the highest qualifications in their industries using the highest-end technology and tools. Our prices are significantly lower than hiring these services separately or even worse, not knowing to have them done at all.

Who is Michael Gaurnier, ACI?

Michael Gaurnier, ACI is a Professional Inspector certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors. He is licensed as a home inspector and termite inspector in the state of Florida and he speaks English, French and Haitian Creole. Over 18 years He’s been in the construction and inspection industry. He has performed various types of inspections on over 3,000 homes and commercial buildings.

Michael is a Florida Licensed building inspector and Hurricane Mitigation Specialist. He is a certified inspector of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI certification #252915) representing the most authoritative organization in the home inspection industry. He is also certified by the Inspection Certification Associates.

My Companies Mission Statement

To be the premier South Florida property inspection service of choice by knowledgeable, experienced home buyers and sellers and the go to inspection service for luxury properties

Our Company Vision

To be a South Florida Expert inspection service and resource, a nation-wide expert resource for home inspector education and reliable online source for industry information to help realtors and property owners.

Our Culture

Michael Gaurnier, ACI values the Home inspection profession as a dignified and respected profession providing experience and knowledge, valuing and cultivate inspectors as individuals with character who care about standards, safety, and the best interests of the public and this safeguards their integrity and honesty.

We believe property owners stand to gain immeasurable benefit from a properly certified inspector providing a thorough, accurate, and authoritative inspection experience and report.

We believe many property owners or buyers want the best inspection possible and will pay reasonable acceptable fees for such a service. We cherish our ASHI Certified Inspector status and strive to have the highest level of expertise and competence in South Florida. We provide a huge range of practical inspection services provided by those with the highest qualifications in their industries using the highest end technology and tools.

Our resolve is to hold true to the altruistic, sincere, foundational standards and qualifications of this profession set by the American Society of Home Inspectors, and maintain and provide sound, unbiased, and accurate knowledge of the building sciences allowing this knowledge to replace previously held, but unfounded beliefs and viewpoints.

As a company we believe we can improve, earn more revenue, better serve our clients, and protect our profession by remaining connected to and respecting the authoritative and properly founded society ASHI, and developing knowledge, practices, and methods that are ethically acceptable to that organization.


The American Society of Home Inspectors: ASHI

The American Society of Home Inspectors represents the most authoritative organization in the home inspection industry.

An ASHI inspector provides you with a professional, personalized inspection that combines more than 40 years of the highest technical standards, adherence to a strict code of ethics and the very best in customer service and education. We call this “The ASHI Experience”.

When you choose ASHI, you’ll be working with professional home inspectors who have passed the most rigorous technical examinations in effect today, including inspectors who are required to perform more than 250 professional inspections before they’re even allowed to call themselves ”certified”. No other professional society can match the credentials of an ASHI inspector.

The State of Florida only requires passing a 120‐hour study course and an approved exam to get licensed as a Home Inspector ‐ no experience necessary.


All inspectors are state licensed; being an ASHI certified inspector is the highest designation in the industry; having passed the National Home Inspector Examination which is the only accredited examination by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies(NCCA); being Certified Residential Thermographers which is the most authoritative thermal imaging certification; and finally all Seawall an Soil inspections are performed by licensed engineers and licensed contractors perform specialized plumbing, electrical, and appliance inspections. 

All ASHI Professional Inspectors are required to earn 20 continuing education credits and attend special training every year.

Florida Licensed Home Inspectors only need to earn 14 credits every two years.
Make sure your home is inspected by a leader in the industry.
Make sure it’s inspected by an ASHI Professional Inspector.

Here’s a little bit about myself:

I have built homes from the ground up. Primarily I have worked with luxury homes throughout northern California. Now as a home inspector, My company specializes in the inspection of luxury homes throughout South Florida.

I starting working for a home inspection company that was started by a group of prominent home inspectors who in 1997/98 got together to form a company where they all worked together in providing a consistent high quality experience which expanded throughout the nation. I eventually managed this company in two different states.

My Inspections started out with simple check-list home inspection reports and has progressed to high technology usage Home Inspections tailored to the South Florida environment including, Thermal Imaging infrared technology, moisture detection equipment, Sewer scope video cameras to go along with our trusty flash lights and cameras.

I am a Florida Licensed Home Inspector but more importantly I am an ASHI Certified Inspector which is the highest qualification in the industry. I am also certified as a Windstorm Mitigation inspector. I provide photo enhanced color coated interactive South Florida home inspection reports for South Florida home buyers.

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