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This website provides free reference articles intended to provide information related to home inspections and building related topics particularly applicable in South Florida communities; however most of the material is intended to be helpful throughout North America. The series of articles focuses on topics and issues providing referenced information answering common questions we receive while performing our home inspection services. Many times home inspectors see something that looks wrong but need to pinpoint industry standards that apply. This site provides answers to these types of questions.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update, Can real estate and home inspection business be performed in person at someone’s private residence?

Video Series: What Would The Inspector Do? Air Conditioning Problems

Video Series: What Would The Inspector Do? Air Conditioning Problems

The ultimate question many feel to ask their home inspector is WOULD YOU BUY THIS HOME? What is the REAL ultimate question? As explained in the video, the question home inspectors wish they were asked is, “How would YOU go about resolving these issues noted in the report?” Some home inspectors with experience will even answer the question, “what kind of costs might we be talking about?” Read about the best air conditioning system in the market right now.

Mold Related to No Attic Insulation

Mold Related to No Attic Insulation

Mold Related to No Attic Insulation - I received a call from a home owner who's client was complaining about mold issues inside the home. Two mold tests were performed, but there was no information as to what was causing the mold growth. I was requested to do a site...


All due care is taken to provide true and accurate information on this website. However always call and check with a local building department professional before acting on anything you read on this site as changes are always happening with Codes, Standards and Regulations and requirements can vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This information is for general knowledge and reference but is not a code enforcement or building science authority. Some information on this site is based on our opinions and experience developed from our home inspection services and past construction experience as well as our affiliations with The American Society of Home Inspectors and the International Code Council. These opinions are not authoritative but may be helpful in understanding industry standards and finding relevant answers.

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Home Inscpections Include:

■ General Home Inspection (Structural, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, roof)

■ Thermal Imaging scan (locates water leaks, overheating electrical, AC leaks behind walls and other surfaces)

■ Termite inspection ( Includes General and
Lawn pests, and rodent inspection)

■ Sewer Video Inspection (High definition recording of underground sewer pipes)

■ Seawall Inspection (By a Seawall structural engineer)

■ Mold Lab Testing (By a Mold Hygienist)

■ Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Insurance Inspections