Mold Spore Testing

We recommend this service only in specific scenarios when testing is truly warranted. Mold can create health problems for anyone who is exposed to it thus becoming a high concern for many home buyers.

Mold Spore Inspections

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If left untreated, it will spread and damage to your property becoming a concern during the inspection as well. We offering top-quality mold testing only when these two factors are determined to be a real concern. Reach out to us when you need a professional mold inspection in Broward County, Florida, for your property. Click the “Read More” button to find out why we DO NOT recommend this service with most real estate home inspection.

Licensed Mold Assessor Visual Observations
Humidity Readings
Temperature Readings
Moisture Readings
Borescope Observations
Infrared Thermal Imaging
Camera Scan & Pictures
Post Remediation Verification


Michael Gaurnier, ACI, Inc. offers inspection services and mold testing in Broward County, FL for homes, apartments, workplaces, schools, and commercial properties. Our licensed mold inspectors and indoor environmentalist utilize very expensive “professional grade” equipment; we don’t do the cheap stuff. Consequently, our clients will receive a “real” mold assessment service.

Our Inspections

Our services include a thorough inspection including thermal imaging inspections of your property and using high tech moisture detection, and mold sampling equipment. We will also do a follow-up testing (air samples, swabs, and glass slides), accompanied by an extensive report.

In addition, we will be working with a nationally recognized laboratory, and staffed with professionals specialized in the mold testing field. We will not be involved in the remediation of any mold problems since this would be a conflict of interest.


A visual inspection is an important initial step in identifying a possible mold contamination problem. Our mold inspectors use a variety of high-quality equipment to detect mold spore types and report on likely moisture sources that cause the specific spore type growth. This is what is needed to determine if and what type of remediation work needs to be performed as well as where in the structure the problem is emanating from.


Mold Spore Testing

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